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Emirates Bio Farm (EBF) is not just an ordinary organic farm in the UAE. With its dedication to sustainable farming and ensuring the well-being of all UAE residents, it stands as the largest privately-owned organic farm in the region. Founded on the principles advocated by the founding father of the UAE, Sheikh Zayed, EBF is a beacon of environmental protection and organic farming excellence.

Overview of Emirates Bio Farm

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Located in the heart of Dubai, Emirates Bio Farm boasts a rich history of promoting organic agriculture in the UAE. The farm operates throughout the day, allowing visitors to explore its vast greenhouses and witness firsthand the bountiful harvest grown with organic practices. Accessibility to the farm is convenient for both Dubai and Abu Dhabi residents.

Location and History

Emirates Bio Farm is strategically situated in Dubai and Al Ain, making it easily reachable for residents across the UAE. The farm’s rich history dates back to its establishment as the largest private organic farm in the region. The farm’s commitment to sustainable practices echoes the vision of environmental protection set by Sheikh Zayed and Al Nahyan.

Operational Hours and Access

Operating from 9 am to 5 pm, Emirates Bio Farm welcomes visitors to experience the charm of organic farming. Its convenient location allows for easy access from both Dubai and Abu Dhabi, making it a prime destination for those seeking fresh produce and a deeper connection to sustainable agriculture.

Shopping Experience at EBF

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When visiting Emirates Bio Farm (EBF), you are in for a treat with their selection of good clean food. The organic vegetables and fruits available at the farm shop are grown with sustainable farming practices, ensuring that you get the freshest and healthiest produce possible. EBF’s commitment to providing organic products contributes to the well-being of all UAE residents.

Enjoy Freshness

One of the highlights of shopping at EBF is the opportunity to enjoy freshness like never before. The produce available at the farm reflects the farm’s dedication to sustainable farming and environmental protection. By choosing organic goods from EBF, you not only get to savor fresh and delicious fruits and vegetables but also support a larger movement towards healthier living.

Shop Sustainable

Supporting EBF means making a conscious choice to shop sustainably. By purchasing organic products from the largest private organic farm in the UAE, you are actively advocating for environmental protection and a healthier future for generations to come. Every AED spent at EBF contributes to the establishment of a more sustainable agricultural sector in the region.

Emirates Bio Farm in Abu Dhabi & Community

Emirates bio Farm Community

Emirates Bio Farm is not just a place to buy organic products; it is a connection to the Abu Dhabi community. By visiting the farm, residents and tourists alike can witness firsthand the dedication to sustainable farming practices and environmental protection. EBF serves as a beacon of organic farming excellence in Dubai and beyond.

Connection to the Abu Dhabi Community

EBF’s presence in Abu Dhabi goes beyond just providing organic products. It fosters a sense of community by inviting visitors to explore the farm’s greenhouses and learn about sustainable agriculture. The farm’s commitment to environmental protection resonates with the city’s emphasis on sustainability, making EBF an integral part of Dubai’s agricultural landscape.

Benefits of Supporting EBF in UAE

By supporting Emirates Bio Farm in the UAE, you are investing in a future where organic farming and sustainability are at the forefront. EBF’s commitment to organic practices, established by the founding father of the UAE, Sheikh Zayed, ensures that the well-being of all UAE residents is prioritized. Visiting EBF not only offers access to fresh produce but also contributes to a more sustainable agricultural sector in the UAE.

Emirates Bio Farm Tours

Emirates bio Farm Tours

Experience farming in a safe and fun environment.

Exploring Emirates Bio Farm (EBF) through farm tours offers a unique opportunity to dive into the world of sustainable farming in a safe and enjoyable setting. Visitors get a chance to witness the organic practices that go into cultivating the harvest and understand the significance of promoting sustainable agriculture for the well-being of all UAE residents.

Things to do in Emirates Bio Farm

Visitors at Emirates Bio Farm are spoiled for choice with an array of activities to engage in. From strolling through the expansive greenhouses to picking fresh organic vegetables, the farm offers a hands-on experience that promotes a deeper understanding of sustainable farming practices and the importance of consuming organic produce.

The Farmer’s Table Restaurant

For a unique dining experience, visitors can savor the fresh and organic goodness at The Farmer’s Table Restaurant in Emirates Bio Farm. The restaurant prides itself on serving dishes made from the farm’s own produce, providing a farm-to-table experience that celebrates the flavors of locally grown organic vegetables.

Emirates Bio Farms Events

Emirates Bio Farm hosts a variety of engaging events that cater to individuals interested in organic farming and sustainable living. From educational workshops to farm-to-fork dining experiences, the events organized at EBF aim to raise awareness about environmental protection, sustainable agriculture, and the benefits of consuming organic products. Here are more activities you can do in UAE. 

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