Sonu Nigam Concert – Dubai, 2024
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11 Feb

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Coca Cola Arena, Dubai

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Sonu Nigam Concert Live at Coca Cola Arena A Musical Extravaganza

Get ready to embark on a musical odyssey like never before as the maestro of Bollywood, Sonu Nigam, takes centre stage at the prestigious Coca-Cola Arena in Dubai on the magical night of February 11, 2024. Presented by the illustrious PME Entertainment, “The Sonu Nigam Show” promises to be more than just a concert; it’s a symphony of emotions, an experience that transcends the ordinary.

As the stars align over Dubai, Sonu Nigam, with his enchanting voice and unparalleled versatility, will unfurl a tapestry of musical brilliance. This iconic evening will witness the unveiling of Sonu’s musical journey, a seamless blend of timeless romantic ballads that tug at heartstrings and high-energy Bollywood dance numbers that set the stage ablaze. The Coca Cola Arena, bathed in the glow of Sonu’s charisma, will transform into a haven of musical euphoria, creating an atmosphere where every note becomes a brushstroke in the masterpiece of pure bliss. Sonu Nigam Concert Dubai! A promising entertainment night.

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Sonu Nigam - Coca Cola Arena 2024
Sonu Nigam Concert
  • Individuals below 16 years must be accompanied by an adult or parent aged 18 or over.
  • All patrons, including children aged 12 months and above, need a valid ticket for entry to Coca Cola Arena Dubai.
  • Children under 14 are not allowed in the Fan Pit Standing and Regular Standing Floor Area.
  • E-tickets will be dispatched seven days before the event.
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  • Tickets are sold based on the best seating availability.
  • Tickets are final, and refunds are not applicable.
  • E-tickets will be sent seven days before the event day.


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