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Saudi Arabia

A Glimpse into Riyadh Saudi Arabia

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Riyadh Saudi Arabia

The largest nation on the Arabian Peninsula, Saudi Arabia, is a land rich in culture and history. The monarchy, which is home to Islam’s two holiest cities, Medina and Mecca, has been crucial to the religion’s growth. Explore the fascinating fusion of traditional customs and contemporary advancement while strolling around Jeddah’s historic streets or taking in Riyadh’s magnificence, the capital city of Saudi Arabia. From the striking UNESCO-listed archeological site of Madain Saleh to the renowned Al-Masmak Fortress, the nation’s rich legacy is reflected in its architectural design.

Apart from its historical importance, Saudi Arabia is a representation of modernity and advancement in the Middle East. The nation has embraced innovation and economic diversification, as seen by the modern skylines of towns like Jeddah and Riyadh. The King Salman Energy Park and NEOM, a projected cross-border city, highlight the kingdom’s commitment to technical developments and sustainable development. 

Saudi Arabia’s enormous oil reserves serve as a testament to its status as a worldwide energy superpower. Travelers looking for a dynamic mix of tradition and modernity will find Saudi Arabia to be an intriguing destination thanks to its cutting-edge infrastructure, forward-thinking projects, and lively culture.

Package Information

Upon arrival at the Riyadh airport, our representative will greet and assist the guests with their visa and immigration procedures before escorting them to their air-conditioned vehicle for the hotel transfer. Dinner on your own schedule. Overnight in RIYADH.

In your hotel, breakfast. We travel to the historic Dirah Souq, which is well-known for its antique carpets and other useful Saudi heritage antiquities, and begin our visit to old Riyadh in the downtown area. The fragrance of sandalwood and other oriental spices permeates the stroll. After that, we go to the Masmak Fort, which is located near the Old Souq and whose significance is associated with the establishment of the third Saudi kingdom, which is the one we currently live in.

Built in 1895 A.D. under the reign of Abdullah bin Rashid, the walled palace served as a military stronghold for the ruler's soldiers. The fort was taken in 1902 by His Majesty King Abdulaziz, the founding father of the modern kingdom, signaling the start of the House of Saudi Arabia's reconquest of Arabia. leisurely lunch. We travel for half an hour to Ad-Diriyah, which is situated on the western bank of the Wadi Hanifah, a dry riverbed that only receives significant rainfall. Ad-Diriyah used to be the capital of the Najd (the central plateau of the Arabian Peninsula) from the 15th century to the beginning of the 18th century.

It was recognized as the most outstanding example of Najdi architecture and the site of the first Saudi Kingdom, underscoring its significance in the history of the Arabian Peninsula. In 2010, it was inducted as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. As a hub for travelers to and from Asia, Africa, and Europe, Ad-Diriyah has a long history as a trading and pilgrimage site dating back thousands of years. We are able to take in the breathtaking architecture during our tour before heading back to Riyadh's center.

As we make our way into the city, we can't help but notice how quickly this multicultural capital is growing—the Saudi government has ambitious plans for it to overtake all other Middle Eastern metropolises as the largest in ten years. Go back to the hotel. Dinner on your own schedule. Overnight in RIYADH.

Check-out and breakfast in the hotel. Transfer to the airport in Riyadh for your flight to Al Ula, depending on the time of your flight. Upon arrival at Al Ula airport, our representative will greet and guide the visitors to their air-conditioned vehicle for their transfer to the city, following the completion of visa and immigration requirements. When we arrive, the AlUla Old Town Tour will give us a look into the not-too-distant past. You will be guided by a Rawi (guide) around AlUla Old Town, where pilgrims, tourists, and long-term residents have gathered throughout the years.

AlUla Old Town, which was inhabited from before the 12th century until the early 1980s, provides scholars with distinct oral histories and living memory that are unavailable at the region's other heritage sites. With 900 homes, 500 stores, and five town squares, you may stroll through a labyrinth of relics from the ancient stone and mudbrick structures and take in views of an AlUla Castle from the tenth century. Visitors will get knowledge of the goals and strategies used by the pilgrims and settlers of Old Town in building the city. Make your way to the hotel and register. Lunch & dinner are free-flowing. In AL ULA for the night.

NOTE: Preferred flight: SV 1574 – RUH 0915 HRS/ ULH 1100 HRS | Flight ticket included. Flight times are subject to change. Overnight in Jeddah.

Breakfast at the hotel. Our tour will begin today with a visit to Hegra, the biggest preserved Nabataean site south of Petra and the first UNESCO World Heritage Site in Saudi Arabia. This historic monument is free for exploration and provides information on the customs, history, and culture of the people who live there, including over 110 graves carved out of enormous rock formations. leisurely lunch.

Then, we set out on a historical expedition to learn about the strong, ancient civilizations that sculpted and constructed the Dadanite and Lihyanite kingdoms, which are responsible for building AlUla. Following your exploration of the ruins, you may take a bus service to Jabal Ikmah, an open-air library of petroglyphs, rock art, and inscriptions situated in a breathtaking desert canyon, which is 10 minutes away. Here are some planning suggestions, tour information, and things to know before you visit these remarkable historical locations.

We will take a leisurely trip to Jebel Al-Fil, often known as Elephant Rock, before returning to the hotel. Among the many geological marvels of Al ula, the breathtaking elephant rock is situated amidst the dunes of the Golden Desert and rises several floors into the Saudi Arabian sky. Millions of years of wind and water erosion sculpted the "trunk" and "body" of this monolithic red sandstone beast, in contrast to the elaborate, hand-carved facades of the neighboring Hegra's Nabataean tombs.

The golden sands and rocky outcrops, many of which are similarly amazing in size and feature intriguing shapes and figures, add to the overall splendor of this raw construction. Dinner on your own schedule. Spend the night in ALULA.

Check-out and breakfast in the hotel. Transfer to Al Ula airport for your trip to Jeddah, depending on the flight time. When the clients arrive at the Jeddah airport, our representative will greet them and lead them to their air-conditioned car so they may continue on to the hotel. Register at the lodging establishment. Lunch & dinner are free-flowing.

NOTE: Preferred flight: SV 1631 – ULH 1150 HRS/ JED 1315 HRS Flight ticket included. Flight times are subject to change.

Hotel breakfast. Our excursion will begin with a visit to Old Jeddah. You will hear fascinating tales from our guide about Jeddah and its environs. We will have a lovely stroll around the historic district of Al-Balad. Embark on a walking tour around the Old Town, where you'll discover hidden gems in the Old Market, hidden galleries in the Old Jeddah, and locally-only cuisine in the Old Jeddah. During a tour to Al-Balad, a Unesco Heritage site, guests will be shown Beit Nassif (external), one of the most notable restored buildings in the ancient city, which was built in the middle of the 1800s.

The five-story structure offers guests a unique chance to witness the fusion of modern and traditional architectural design. We will also witness the Baghdadi residence. We will also proceed to the Ukash Mosque and the Old Gold Market on Gabel Street. Our excursion will come to a close when we head toward the 30-kilometer beachfront tourist region of Jeddah, known as the Corniche. The Jeddah Sculpture Museum will be our next stop. The Corniche is home to the world's tallest fountain, King Fahd's Fountain, as well as recreational grounds, pavilions, and large-scale municipal sculptures. It is a coastal road. leisurely lunch. We will begin our journey with a visit to the House of Islamic Art Museum in the afternoon.

An exceptional site. We will then go to the Jeddah Waterfront after that. Back at the hotel now. leisurely dinner. Stay the night in Jeddah.

Breakfast in the hotel. Check out time 1200 hrs. Depending on the flight time, transfer to Jeddah airport for your departure.

Package Inclusions
  • 08 nights’ Accommodation on a bed & breakfast meal plan
  • Guide Assistance
  • Airport arrival and departure transfer
  • Tour operated in English only
  • Riyadh – Golden Tulip Hotel or similar, 4*
  • Al Ula – Cloud7 Residence AlUla or similar, 4*
  • Jeddah – Frontel Hotel or similar, 4*
Cancellation Policy
  • Up to 30 days before arrival: no fees
  • From 21 days before arrival: 10%
  • From 14 days before arrival: 25%
  • From 7 days before arrival: 50%
  • 2 days before arrival: 100%
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