Alan Walker Live at Barasti Beach
$61   / Per Person


2 March 2024

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Beach Event, DJ


Barasti Beach Dubai

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Alan Walker at Barasti Beach Dubai

Immerse yourself in the vibrant rhythm of Dubai’s nightlife as Barasti Beach transforms into a VIP dance lounge for the highly anticipated Barasti Ritual featuring Alan Walker. Scheduled for March 2, 2024, this spectacular event promises an unforgettable night under the starlit sky. Dance enthusiasts and music lovers alike are invited to sway to the beats of the world-renowned DJ Alan Walker, creating an atmosphere reminiscent of summer parties in Ibiza. The sandy shores will pulsate with energy as guests enjoy tropical oasis beverages, ensuring an electrifying experience in the heart of Dubai’s iconic Barasti Beach.

Barasti Ritual with Alan is set to captivate attendees with a unique blend of beachside ambience and live music. As one of Dubai’s hottest beach rendezvous, the event marks the return of the Barasti Ritual series, promising an extraordinary evening curated around the platinum sensation Alan. The beach will be adorned with the spirit of celebration, creating a memorable fusion of dance, music, and the breathtaking Dubai skyline. Save the date for this enchanting night where the infectious beats of Alan Walker will elevate the atmosphere, making it a standout event in the city’s dynamic entertainment scene. More events in Dubai 2024.

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