Drummond Money-Coutts – The Impossible Show
$173   / Per Person


10 Feb - 31 May 2024

Event Type

Magic Show


DMC Theatre Abu Dhabi

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Experience the Magic of DMC in Abu Dhabi

In a groundbreaking event, Abu Dhabi hosts the “IMPOSSIBLE” show featuring DMC, renowned illusionist, and mentalist. This exclusive Broadway theatre venue becomes the stage for an extraordinary homage to the world of magic’s timeless masterpieces. DMC’s performance includes mesmerizing card tricks, mind-reading, and mind-bending displays of mentalism, captivating the audience with interactive segments that turn spectators into participants.

DMC The Impossible Drummond Money-Coutts

Unveiling Drummond Money-Coutts's Enthralling Performance

DMC, the renowned illusionist and mentalist, has brought his mesmerizing act to Abu Dhabi’s exclusive Broadway theatre, presenting a show that transcends traditional magic performances. Known for his intellectual stimulation and captivating stage presence, Drummond Money-Coutts’s act showcases a diverse range of compelling acts, including mesmerizing card magic, mind-reading demonstrations that challenge the boundaries of perception, and mind-bending displays of mentalism that leave audiences in awe.

What sets DMC apart is not just his technical prowess but also his ability to engage the audience actively throughout the performance. Interactive segments invite spectators to participate directly, making each show unique and immersive. This interaction not only enhances the allure of the spectacle but also creates an unforgettable experience for everyone involved.

Abu Dhabi’s Broadway theatre provides the perfect backdrop for Drummond Money-Coutts’s magical journey. The venue itself is renowned for its intimate setting and acoustics, ensuring that every moment of DMC’s performance is experienced with clarity and depth. Coupled with Broadway’s exquisite food and beverage options, including gourmet dishes and refreshing drinks served during the show, every Friday and Saturday becomes a delightful rendezvous for entertainment enthusiasts.

Beyond entertainment, Drummond Money-Coutts’s performances delve into the psychology behind magic and mentalism, touching upon themes of perception, intuition, and the mysteries of the human mind. His show is not just about tricks but about creating a narrative that leaves a lasting impact on the audience, prompting them to ponder the limits of what they perceive as possible.

In summary, attending DMC’s show at Abu Dhabi’s Broadway theatre is more than just a night out—it’s an intellectual and sensory journey into the realms of magic and mystery. Whether you’re a fan of magic or simply seeking a unique cultural experience, DMC’s performances promise to deliver an evening of enchantment and wonder that will stay with you long after the final curtain call.


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