Imperial Orchestra Cinematic Magic Live in Dubai
$60   / Per Person


10 May 2024

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Coca Cola Arena

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Cinema Medley!

Unforgettable Night of Cinematic Enchantment by Imperial Orchestra

Prepare yourself for an evening of cinematic splendor like no other! Mark your calendars for May 10th and be part of an extraordinary event at the Coca-Cola Arena. The Imperial Orchestra’s Cinema Medley promises to be a mesmerizing journey through the timeless melodies of some of cinema’s most beloved masterpieces.

Immerse in Iconic Soundtracks (Harry Potter)

Step into a world of magic. The Imperial Orchestra will take you on a symphonic adventure. They will play the iconic soundtracks of Star Wars, Harry Potter, and more. Let yourself be swept away by the breathtaking compositions of renowned composers such as Hans Zimmer and John Williams.

A Symphony of Visual and Audio Brilliance

Get ready to be dazzled by stunning visual and audio effects that will transport you straight to the heart of your favourite films. From the swashbuckling tunes of Pirates of the Caribbean to the haunting melodies of The Phantom of the Opera, every note played by our 80 talented musicians will captivate your senses.

Legendary Composers Come Alive

See the genius of legendary composers. It will unfold before your eyes and ears. Conductor Lev Dunaev leads the orchestra in live renditions of unforgettable scores. Feel the adrenaline rush of Batman. See the epic grandeur of Gladiator. Experience the spine-tingling suspense of Jurassic Park like never before.

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Don’t miss your chance to be part of this magical evening. It’s filled with nostalgia, excitement, and awe-inspiring music. Secure your tickets now and prepare to embark on a journey you’ll never forget. Join us at Coca-Cola Arena on May 10th for an unforgettable night of cinematic enchantment! To book tickets and tour packages contact us


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